22 Mar

Thailand A Tough Conversation

Talking to Little Miss about moving to Thailand

It’s pretty obvious that something’s going on at our house, despite the attempt at complete normalcy and nonchalance for our lovely three year old daughter’s sake. You see, we made the mistake of broaching the subject of moving to Thailand with our daughter the other day, and she kind of freaked out. According to her preschool teacher, we shouldn’t mention it at all, not until the moment we board the airplane, to avoid the trauma of her stressing out about the change. Adults don’t like change, even when they can intellectually understand it. Kids don’t even have the luxury to think rationally–change is flat out terrifying for them. Unless they have no idea it’s coming. Then they just tend to take everything in stride. Case in point: in January we went to Hawaii for a much needed vacation. It was paradise. But for two days Little Miss I (in between chasing waves, building sandcastles, and having an amazing time in general) kept asking to go home. When we told her that we’d be staying in Hawaii for awhile, but that we would eventually be going home, she was totally ok with that. By the end of the trip, she was calling our hotel room our house. Not sure how we’ll answer once we get to Thailand and she continually asks to go home, but I’m sure we can think of something by then.

22 Mar

Thailand Is For Families

Three Girls Walking In The Rain. Not common in Thailand

Okay, so this is my first attempt at writing something for others to read. Will anyone be interested in our experiences of trying to leave the US for Thailand? Doubtful. Perhaps my daughter will want to read this some day and find it either entertaining, useful, or just plain interesting (anything but boring). At the very least she will have a better understanding of what her parents were feeling at the time they decided to make the move. From this blog, she will see how difficult it was to extricate ourselves from the country that had become our home and head toward something unknown.

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