14 Oct

Moving To Thailand | Discovering Thai Food Again

A Family In Motion | Night Market Thailand

If you haven’t figured it out by this point, I’ll say it clearly: I love food. I love all kinds of food, every type of cuisine and nearly all types of meat, fish, fowl, fruits and vegetables. Never to be labeled a picky eater, I will try everything at least once. Paul goes out of his way sometimes to challenge me with my self-imposed motto. Recently he steered me towards some fried insects at the local night market, and I sadly admit that I turned down his offer.

27 Sep

Moving To Thailand | The First Month

Moving To Thailand | The Grass Is Green Enough

We are fast approaching the one month mark for our new lives in Thailand, and when it feels like we aren’t making as much progress as I’d like here, I have to keep reminding myself that we have indeed accomplished a lot in just over four weeks.

14 Sep

Driving In Thailand | A Family In Motion

Driving In Thailand | A Family In Motion

I took a leap of faith today and drove a borrowed car that was graciously lent to us by our real estate agent. The car has been sitting in our parking space for days, but up to this point, we have not had the courage to take it out for a test drive.

01 Sep

Moving To Thailand | The First 24 Hours

Moving to Thailand Horseback Riding

We made it!!  The dog, the child and the parents have all made it over safely, and now we are ready to begin our adventure in Thailand!  We are disoriented and completely jet lagged, but excited nonetheless.

10 Aug

Nitty Gritty – Moving To Thailand

Luna is Moving to Thailand | A Family In Motion

We are nearly packed and nearly ready to go. We have less than a month until our departure date, and I find myself vacillating so frequently between panicked and micromanaging to totally nonchalant that I fear I might be bi-polar. The anticipation is driving me crazy. On the one hand, I feel like we’ve been waiting ages for this move, and I want it to just happen already. On the other hand, I feel like there are still a million things that need to get done before we can leave…

11 Jul

Moving To Thailand | Cooking Thai For Our Keep

Yum Woon Sen & Red Curry | A Family In Motion

Camping out at the in-laws’ with a high-strung three year old, a hyperactive dog, and a garage full of possessions is a potential recipe for failure, but with the right ingredients, we have managed to side-step a few near-disasters.

23 Jun

Punk Rock In Thailand?

Thai Punk Rock No Comments by afamilyinmotion
Thailand Bound Punk Rocker | A Family In Motion

I play in a local rock band, and we are awesome and super popular!  Justin Beiber popular…but more like a fat, half balding, middle-aged Justin Beiber, dressed in a dirty undershirt; wired on caffeine; drunk on vodka; and lots-of-super-models-hanging-around kind-of-popular.   Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little: we still mostly have our hair and are fairly trim.  And I only slightly stretched the truth about the super models (our wives are pretty damn hot!)  The only thing I really lied about is the vodka.  I’m half-Thai, so alcohol doesn’t mix well with my asian heritage.  Damn you, Asian Flush Syndrome.  But hey, the caffeine part is absolutely true; I drink buckets of coffee and sometimes I stain my shirts with grande americanos from Starbucks.

09 Jun

Moving to Thailand | Our New Home, Hua Hin

Hua Hin Boats | A Family In Motion

I don’t know if I have mentioned this already, but I lived in Thailand once before. After graduating from college in Seattle, I decided it was time for a break from academics, and I moved to Thailand to reconnect with my Thai roots. Unfortunately, none of the locals believed I was actually Thai, so I was in this weird limbo state where no racial group truly accepted me. Kind of like the dilemma that Lieutentant Commander Spock faced being half-human, half-vulcan. But I digress…

02 Jun

Moving To Thailand | Getting Our Butts In Gear


Enough mucking around with this muckety muck of nostalgia and waxing poetic on the virtues of our house. The house has been sold. We have to be out in two weeks. It is time to seriously get our butts in gear. Seriously. We have a lot to do before we move to Thailand, and now is the time to get moving. In the words of General Zulfikar from Rushdie’s Midnight Children, “Let’s get organized!”

25 May

Our First Garage Sale | An Ode To Our House

Garage Sale 2 Comments by afamilyinmotion
A Family In Motion | Garage Sale | Moving To Thailand

I am sort of a pack rat, and my husband is a minimalist, so there have been more than a few battles over what we keep and what gets discarded in our house. I err on the side of sentimentality, and my husband, an engineer at heart, cannot understand why I would want to keep photo albums and cards from people I don’t even like (I just found a handmade card from a girl in my 5th grade class who wrote in silver sharpie, “You are so cool/you and Alex should totally go out/he is so cute”. We had a falling out in 6th grade, and haven’t spoken in 20+ years, yet up until a few days ago I still had her erudite letter). It’s no surprise, then, that having a garage sale would be tough for me. I was surprised to find, however, that my husband was more than a little reluctant to part with his beloved record collection. I’m glad he eventually relented because those vinyls were a huge hit with the handful of old punk rockers that stopped by. In fact, the garage sale was a ridiculous success overall. We got rid of so much stuff, I couldn’t believe how spacious our property felt afterwards. We had one guy walk away with a bike, a commercial espresso machine, a table and a lamp. And he came back two days later for more stuff! Not all of our customers were so generous with their funds, though. I had a guy haggle with me over a $50 cookbook that I was selling for a dollar. The cover was ripped so he wanted a better price…better than $1?

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