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23 Jun

Punk Rock In Thailand?

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Thailand Bound Punk Rocker | A Family In Motion

I play in a local rock band, and we are awesome and super popular!  Justin Beiber popular…but more like a fat, half balding, middle-aged Justin Beiber, dressed in a dirty undershirt; wired on caffeine; drunk on vodka; and lots-of-super-models-hanging-around kind-of-popular.   Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little: we still mostly have our hair and are fairly trim.  And I only slightly stretched the truth about the super models (our wives are pretty damn hot!)  The only thing I really lied about is the vodka.  I’m half-Thai, so alcohol doesn’t mix well with my asian heritage.  Damn you, Asian Flush Syndrome.  But hey, the caffeine part is absolutely true; I drink buckets of coffee and sometimes I stain my shirts with grande americanos from Starbucks.

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