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20 Jun

Moving To Thailand | Home Alone

A Family In Motion | Moving To Thailand | Happy Couple

I have been a single, working parent for the past two weeks. I suppose if I had to be a single, working mother in any country, Thailand is where I’d want to be.

20 May

Moving To Thailand: The Annual Drought & Granny’s Visit

A Family In Motion | The Grandmothers | Moving To Thailand

I spend a lot of time these days thinking about water. Water that I always took for granted until it was no longer there.

27 Sep

Moving To Thailand | The First Month

Moving To Thailand | The Grass Is Green Enough

We are fast approaching the one month mark for our new lives in Thailand, and when it feels like we aren’t making as much progress as I’d like here, I have to keep reminding myself that we have indeed accomplished a lot in just over four weeks.

14 Sep

Driving In Thailand | A Family In Motion

Driving In Thailand | A Family In Motion

I took a leap of faith today and drove a borrowed car that was graciously lent to us by our real estate agent. The car has been sitting in our parking space for days, but up to this point, we have not had the courage to take it out for a test drive.

10 Aug

Nitty Gritty – Moving To Thailand

We are nearly packed and nearly ready to go. We have less than a month until our departure date, and I find myself vacillating so frequently between panicked and micromanaging to totally nonchalant that I fear I might be bi-polar. The anticipation is driving me crazy. On the one hand, I feel like we’ve been waiting ages for this move, and I want it to just happen already. On the other hand, I feel like there are still a million things that need to get done before we can leave…

09 Jun

Moving to Thailand | Our New Home, Hua Hin

Hua Hin Boats | A Family In Motion

I don’t know if I have mentioned this already, but I lived in Thailand once before. After graduating from college in Seattle, I decided it was time for a break from academics, and I moved to Thailand to reconnect with my Thai roots. Unfortunately, none of the locals believed I was actually Thai, so I was in this weird limbo state where no racial group truly accepted me. Kind of like the dilemma that Lieutentant Commander Spock faced being half-human, half-vulcan. But I digress…

02 Jun

Moving To Thailand | Getting Our Butts In Gear


Enough mucking around with this muckety muck of nostalgia and waxing poetic on the virtues of our house. The house has been sold. We have to be out in two weeks. It is time to seriously get our butts in gear. Seriously. We have a lot to do before we move to Thailand, and now is the time to get moving. In the words of General Zulfikar from Rushdie’s Midnight Children, “Let’s get organized!”

11 May

Moving To Thailand | Learning the Customs (Saving Face)

Saving Face | A Family In Motion

The concept of saving face is one that we as Westerners may be familiar with on an abstract level, but it is an incredibly difficult phenomenon to fully understand as an outsider, and difficult to explain succinctly when we as a culture have little experience with such a thing. In the most basic definition, saving face means avoiding public embarrassment at all costs, while maintaining your status within a specific social network. But it is also much more complicated and nuanced than that. Of course, some practical examples of saving face are necessary to demonstrate how it works. To an outsider, these examples may seem absurd, perplexing or even infuriating, but in a good-natured attempt to assimilate, my husband and I will not judge, only observe objectively and try to learn (with a few chuckles here and there that can’t be helped).

06 May

Moving to Thailand: Learning the Language

Learning to read and write Thai

We are moving to a foreign country where there are foreign customs, foreign foods and, of course, a foreign language. Practically speaking, to integrate into the culture and to engage in business and establish friendships, our family needs to learn the language of Thailand. I have always prided myself on the ability to pick up languages. I speak Spanish somewhat fluently (it’s amazing how much practice I got in the restaurant) and used to speak Portuguese almost fluently (it’s amazing how little practice I get).

21 Apr

Moving to Thailand for the Sunshine

Moving our Family to Thailand

Before moving to Portland, I’d never lived in a place where conversation about the weather was such a pervasive subject. People here (myself included) are obsessed with sunshine–or lack thereof. You may have noticed a common theme in my postings already at this early stage (we’re moving to Thailand)? I used to tell myself that because I grew up in Southern California and Austin, TX, I was therefore preprogrammed to require more sun than the native Pacific North-westerner. I am slowly realizing that this is not the case. All human beings require an adequate dosage of sunshine, whether or not they obtain the prescribed amount.

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