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25 May

Our First Garage Sale | An Ode To Our House

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A Family In Motion | Garage Sale | Moving To Thailand

I am sort of a pack rat, and my husband is a minimalist, so there have been more than a few battles over what we keep and what gets discarded in our house. I err on the side of sentimentality, and my husband, an engineer at heart, cannot understand why I would want to keep photo albums and cards from people I don’t even like (I just found a handmade card from a girl in my 5th grade class who wrote in silver sharpie, “You are so cool/you and Alex should totally go out/he is so cute”. We had a falling out in 6th grade, and haven’t spoken in 20+ years, yet up until a few days ago I still had her erudite letter). It’s no surprise, then, that having a garage sale would be tough for me. I was surprised to find, however, that my husband was more than a little reluctant to part with his beloved record collection. I’m glad he eventually relented because those vinyls were a huge hit with the handful of old punk rockers that stopped by. In fact, the garage sale was a ridiculous success overall. We got rid of so much stuff, I couldn’t believe how spacious our property felt afterwards. We had one guy walk away with a bike, a commercial espresso machine, a table and a lamp. And he came back two days later for more stuff! Not all of our customers were so generous with their funds, though. I had a guy haggle with me over a $50 cookbook that I was selling for a dollar. The cover was ripped so he wanted a better price…better than $1?

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