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07 Oct


A Family in Motion

  LIVING IN THAILAND: UPDATES ON CURRENT EVENTS AND MORE Military coup Thailand: It’s been a few months since our last blog post, which was published only a couple days prior to the announcement of the military coup.  In the following months, a lot has seemed to change within the government, while at the same […]

01 Apr

Pranburi, the hidden jewel beyond Hua Hin

Beach Front Kao Kalok, Pranburi

When we tell people where we live, we always say Hua Hin, since most people, especially those familiar with Thailand, know of Hua Hin, but this is technically not quite true. One of our favorite areas–where we decided to settle down and build our dream house, actually–is a small town (even smaller than Hua Hin!) about 20 km south of Hua Hin center called Pranburi.

13 Jan

Mai Bpen Rai – Living In Thailand

Foreigners living in Thailand

As I drive around Hua Hin, Bangkok, and other areas in Thailand, I see so many Westerners going about their daily lives, trying to complete mundane tasks or every day chores. It makes me wonder, “why do these individuals choose to live here?” Thailand and, for the most part, most of Asia is so completely foreign to the USA and Europe that it makes me wonder how a family like ours can be so content living in a land where we don’t speak the language fluently or understand the culture on a fundamental level.

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