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01 Apr

Pranburi, the hidden jewel beyond Hua Hin

Beach Front Kao Kalok, Pranburi

When we tell people where we live, we always say Hua Hin, since most people, especially those familiar with Thailand, know of Hua Hin, but this is technically not quite true. One of our favorite areas–where we decided to settle down and build our dream house, actually–is a small town (even smaller than Hua Hin!) about 20 km south of Hua Hin center called Pranburi.

24 Nov

What Is The Cost Of Living In Thailand?

Cost Of Living In Thailand | Cheap but luxurious

“What is the cost of living in Thailand” is a subjective question and can vary greatly for each family and each person. A more accurate question may be, “What is the average cost of living for a typical Western expat in Thailand?”

We will try to illustrate in this blog post some of the average prices for essential items that most Westerners require to live a comfortable lifestyle in Thailand. In order to successfully live here on a long term basis, most people will need to adapt to a lifestyle that may be somewhat unfamiliar to that in their home countries, and flexibility and a good attitude are key to successful living in Thailand.

06 Nov

How Do I Buy A Home or Property In Thailand?

Property For Sale Hua Hin

This is a blog post explaining how foreigners can purchase real estate property in Thailand. We answer many questions about foreign home ownership in Thailand.

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