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Introduction To Our Family

On warm sunny days when Portland opens her arms wide and shares all her treasures with us, and when everyone has a smile on their vitamin D-deprived faces–even the hipsters who never smile–then the idea of leaving this charmingly quaint city that after six years has finally become home is achingly painful. However, on days like today, when the cold rain catches us by surprise, and we drive around listening to depressing news about the cultural and economic sinking of our country, our move can’t come quickly enough. You see, my husband and I have decided to take advantage of our unique position to go off the beaten path and have an adventure that will surely be worthy of at least a few good stories.

We have never been the couple that follows conventional norms. Bucking at the idea of a traditional career path, we chose to start our own business, a restaurant and bar in Portland, Oregon. For whatever reason (luck, business savvy, sheer determination) our business succeeded. It succeeded for five years despite a lot of kinks to our original business plan: personality conflicts (I hate change; husband thrives on it), a child (funny how kids change your plans), and a recession that rocked this country and the world. Despite everything, we were able to sell our business and slowly begin the process of disentangling ourselves from the material and ethereal possessions that have become integral to our lives here.

The purpose of this blog is to narrate, in varying voices, our process of moving to Thailand. Both funny and poignant, we hope to convey our emotions and the technical and logistical hurdles we expect (and couldn’t possibly expect) to encounter along the way. Our goal is to blog right up until the point where we board the airplane to our new home, Thailand. And then, once there, we will surely have plenty of rich material to post about our experiences as foreigners in a new country. If no one else on earth reads this blog, I hope at least our daughter will find a little humor in reviewing our writings at a later date, from a different point of view.

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