Moving To Thailand | Getting Our Butts In Gear

June 2, 2011 1 Comment by afamilyinmotion

A Thai Vendor In Bangkok

Enough mucking around with this muckety muck of nostalgia and waxing poetic on the virtues of our house.  The house has been sold.  We have to be out in two weeks.  It is time to seriously get our butts in gear.  Seriously.  We have a lot to do before we move to Thailand, and now is the time to get moving.  In the words of General Zulfikar from Rushdie’s Midnight Children, “Let’s get organized!”

Moving To Thailand…Garage Sale Revisited

First, we need to get rid of the excess possessions we’ve accumulated in the last nine years of our lives together (and maybe some key pieces from my high school wardrobe that I’m finally ready to part with?)  We will be having our third garage sale this weekend.  Though profitable, the sales ironically don’t appear to be clearing out our house.  In fact, after the second, we actually have more, not less, stuff.  Our sales have become a dumping ground for family and friends to bring by their unwanted items in an attempt to profit from our extremely lucrative position in a heavily-trafficked garage sale zone.  We’re on a fairly busy street, and people just can’t keep themselves from screeching to a halt when they glimpse broken lamps and worn trinkets spilling from another’s driveway.  And Paul admitted to me last night that he loves auctioneering at our garage sales.  He gets a thrill out of interacting with the strangers who manhandle our discarded wares; he is a true businessman and extrovert at heart.  I, on the other hand,  break out in a cold sweat when I imagine spending an entire weekend haggling over the price of stained couches and chipped stemware.

Moving To Thailand…But Not Before Enjoying The Much-Anticipated Summer

Second, where are we going to live for the next two months before we leave for Thailand?  It would be simple to just pack up and move to Thailand immediately, but it’s never that easy (and easy is a relative term, of course).  We have a couple of commitments this summer which prevent us from departing imminently, and to these commitments, I am extremely thankful.  I am not physically or emotionally ready to leave.  I want to enjoy the beautiful summer in Portland–the summers are so great here that people will notoriously suffer the nine months of rain and gloom just to bask in the three months of gorgeousness.  And after the ball and chain of owning a restaurant–not having a weekend off in years, and the need to always be within half an hour’s drive in case of emergencies–I want to get out and explore the vast wilderness of Oregon, taking Ingrid and Luna on camping trips where we burn marshmallows, poke at insects, and get little to no sleep.  Long hikes in the mountains, runs on the beach and staring at the stars feel like a fitting way to bid adieu to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, not skulking out in the dead of night with our bulging suitcases like some ungrateful girlfriend who doesn’t have the decency to say goodbye.

Third, what to do with our sweet dog, Luna?  She’s almost eight and has lived in Oregon her whole life.  We’re starting to wonder if we should bring her to Thailand with us.  We’ve looked into the requirements for bringing pets into Thailand (Importing Pets To Thailand).  It’s not as difficult as feared, but there are lots of tests and coordinating with airlines and possibly the paying of some hefty bribes (this is a murky matter and nearly impossible to confirm).  And what about the flight itself with her heavily sedated?  She’s never been in a kennel before, let alone for 19 hours, sedated, in an airplane.  She’s not a puppy anymore, and I am worried about her.  And what if there are a host of canine diseases in Thailand that she’s susceptible to?  Or what if she is attacked by one of the many super mangy-looking-surely-rabies-infested strays roaming the streets?  And what if we get over there, and after three months decide that we hate it?  I don’t want to subject Luna to another traumatic flight across the world.  On the other hand, she’s been with us since her sixth week of life, and I don’t know how she would handle adoption, even if we could find someone amazing to welcome her into their home.  She’s kind of neurotic and prone to anxiety, and if we forget to secure her in our bedroom every time we leave,  she will stand at the living room window and bark for hours, gauging the floor and windowsill in the process (much to the irritation of my husband, who repairs her frequent destruction).  She’s extremely attached to me, and perhaps I am flattering myself to think that she would not thrive in another’s company.  Maybe she wouldn’t miss me at all if I were to drop her off with a stranger tomorrow.  I know for certain, however, that I would miss her terribly.

A Family In Motion|Moving To Thailand

Floating Market In Asia

Rao Ja Bai Bahn Thai Khong Rao (Moving To Thailand)

Fourth, where will we live once we arrive in Hua Hin, Thailand?  Since we’ve never been there before, it’s difficult to approach the question of location, location, location.  Do we want to be downtown, within walking distance to the private girls’ school that Paul’s mom has already decided Ingrid will be attending?  Or will we prefer to be a few kilometers out of the city, hidden in lush, tropical vegetation and oblivious to high rises and tuk tuks?  Will we want to be in a gated community full of expats and chubby pink children flopping into the neighborhood pool, or will we choose an area with more Thais, thus attempting to assimilate more completely into the country and culture?

So, we have a lot of big questions to answer and a lot of decisions to make in the next few weeks.  I feel like I’m in one of the action-packed, testosterone-ridden movies my husband likes to watch (they love movies like this in Thailand!)  I’m in the scene where that car I’m chasing just flipped over doing 100mph and I’m headed straight towards it and every millisecond it’s getting closer, closer, until it’s right on top of me.  I know that it’ll pass over me, and I’ll escape unscathed (that’s how it always works with the heroes), but those moments of uncertainty and near annihilation are still terrifying.  They are also exhilarating, and I can understand just a little bit why my husband enjoys those movies so much.  Let’s get organized!

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  1. Shelly
    9 years ago

    I am sooooo coming to the final garage sale this weekend! Let me know if you don’t find an appropriate home for Luna…. I have friends that are looking for a dog and someone is always home….


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