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Cooking Phad Thai Noodles in 3 Minutes

We Still Work…Sometimes

After selling the restaurant, it wasn’t more than two weeks that I started worrying, what am I going to do next?  While relaxing on the beach in Hawaii, I had a eureka moment: I am going to teach yoga.  I have been practicing for almost ten years, but had never considered teaching before.  I know, it’s a far cry from the very non-Zen, utilitarian lifestyle of owning and operating a restaurant, but I think that’s precisely why I am drawn to yoga–I want a change of pace.  For almost eight years, my husband and I were sprinting through life at 90 miles an hour; suddenly, we’ve screeched to a halt and are creeping along like snails for the first time in years, and I rather like the slower pace.  I am in the process of applying for a yoga teacher training program in Koh Samui, Thailand, of which I am very excited–it looks amazing.

But that is not until November.  And I need something to occupy myself now (ok, maybe I’m not completely ready to creep along yet–we’ll call our pace a lazy jog)!  Since we fancy ourselves as an entrepreneurial couple, and since we like to be industrious, we have a couple of ideas up our sleeves.  One idea that we’ve been kicking around for almost three years now is selling our sauces wholesale.  We tried to get our act together while we still had the restaurant, and even went so far as to have labels printed up (1,000 each!) for our notoriously delicious (in select circles) peanut sauce and plum sauce.

We bravely approached our first potential customer last fall, a wonderful local market (Beaumont Market) in our neighborhood that we’ve been patronizing for years.  Whether they took pity on us (we really had no clue what we were doing), or realized that we had consumed far more in chocolate bars and pints of ice cream at their market than they would have to shell out to buy a couple of cases of our sauces, they agreed to line their glorious shelves with our humble (but notoriously delicious!) products.  We promptly supplied our products and then anxiously checked the shelves every day for movement of the sauces.  After a few weeks had passed and only one jar of our peanut sauce had flown off the shelf, we began to get a little discouraged.  And then we got a little distracted.  We sold the restaurant, took a nice vacation, and then started to think about our move to Thailand.

It was about two months later that we got a phone call from the manager at the market asking for another case of our peanut sauce.  We were kind of surprised but excited.  He called back a few hours later and told us that one of their customers now wanted to buy an entire case of the peanut sauce for himself, and could we please bring two cases instead of just one?  Yes!  We were now feeling optimistic.  We made the cases of sauce with a few extra sample bottles, and proceeded to shamelessly promote our product in store after store around town.  Our sauces now proudly sit in three markets, and we make about $100 a month in gross profit.  I know, I know, it’s not the big bucks yet, but we are still optimistic.  We have bigger things in the pipeline.  We decided to roll out two new sauces for a total of four, and we decided to let the professionals handle the production of the sauces (we don’t want the responsibility if someone comes down with hoof and mouth or finds a dog hair in the plum sauce…)  So rest assured, the sauces are now produced in a bonafide laboratory where everyone wears hair nets and little booties over their shoes.  The sauces still taste great, and we are especially excited about our phad thai sauce because it’s so much better than anything else we’ve tried in the stores.  In fact, we made a cheesy little video in our home kitchen demonstrating how to make phad thai with our sauce.  I will post the video and the recipe is below, in case you are interested in trying.


Phad Thai (serves two)

2 Tbsp oil (garlic oil is best, if available, but any oil of your choice will do), divided

1 egg

2 cup Rice Noodles (if using dried noodles, soak in lukewarm water at least 45 min)

1/2 cup Siam Society Sauces Phad Thai Sauce

1/2 cup bean sprouts

1 tsp green onion, finely chopped

1 Tbsp toasted peanuts

1 lime wedge

sprig of cilantro (optional)



Heat 1 Tbsp oil in pan or wok on high heat; when oil is hot but not smoking, add egg and break with spatula.  When egg is almost cooked, pull over to one side of pan and add rice noodles (with a little of soaking water) to side of pan without egg.  Stir noodles frequently until soft and transparent (about 1-2 min).  Add phad thai sauce to noodles and continue to stir frequently, dragging the spatula through the noodles to fan them out for better absorption of sauce.  Incorporate the egg into the noodles, and once the sauce has been absorbed by the noodles (usually after about three minutes), turn the heat off.  Toss in the bean sprouts and the other tbsp of oil and fluff up the noodles with the spatula.  Transfer to plate and garnish with green onion, peanuts, lime wedge and cilantro.  Serve immediately.


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