25 Jun

An Ode to Durian

Pala-U Durian in Thailand

Has there been a fruit in the entire history of mankind that has the ability to evoke as visceral a response as durian? No one can remain in the neutral category when it comes to their stance on durian: they either love it or hate it.

07 Oct


A Family in Motion

  LIVING IN THAILAND: UPDATES ON CURRENT EVENTS AND MORE Military coup Thailand: It’s been a few months since our last blog post, which was published only a couple days prior to the announcement of the military coup.  In the following months, a lot has seemed to change within the government, while at the same […]

18 May


Living In Thailand | Beat The Heat

A literal heat wave and political heat are making Thailand a tense and sometimes uncomfortable place to live these days, but despite the temporary discomfort Thailand is still a fantastic place to live.

01 Apr

Pranburi, the hidden jewel beyond Hua Hin

Beach Front Kao Kalok, Pranburi

When we tell people where we live, we always say Hua Hin, since most people, especially those familiar with Thailand, know of Hua Hin, but this is technically not quite true. One of our favorite areas–where we decided to settle down and build our dream house, actually–is a small town (even smaller than Hua Hin!) about 20 km south of Hua Hin center called Pranburi.

13 Jan

Mai Bpen Rai – Living In Thailand

Foreigners living in Thailand

As I drive around Hua Hin, Bangkok, and other areas in Thailand, I see so many Westerners going about their daily lives, trying to complete mundane tasks or every day chores. It makes me wonder, “why do these individuals choose to live here?” Thailand and, for the most part, most of Asia is so completely foreign to the USA and Europe that it makes me wonder how a family like ours can be so content living in a land where we don’t speak the language fluently or understand the culture on a fundamental level.

24 Nov

What Is The Cost Of Living In Thailand?

Cost Of Living In Thailand | Cheap but luxurious

“What is the cost of living in Thailand” is a subjective question and can vary greatly for each family and each person. A more accurate question may be, “What is the average cost of living for a typical Western expat in Thailand?”

We will try to illustrate in this blog post some of the average prices for essential items that most Westerners require to live a comfortable lifestyle in Thailand. In order to successfully live here on a long term basis, most people will need to adapt to a lifestyle that may be somewhat unfamiliar to that in their home countries, and flexibility and a good attitude are key to successful living in Thailand.

06 Nov

How Do I Buy A Home or Property In Thailand?

Property For Sale Hua Hin

This is a blog post explaining how foreigners can purchase real estate property in Thailand. We answer many questions about foreign home ownership in Thailand.

21 Oct

Living In Thailand | Two Years Past & Long Overdue

Living In Thailand | Thai Temple

As I reflect on our move to Thailand two years ago already, I realize that we’ve come a long way in those short years, both literally and figuratively.  I remember that giddy excitement before we left on our adventure.  And I remember the fascination with everything that was so new and different once we arrived in Thailand.  These days, the things that made my jaw drop when we first arrived in Thailand don’t even cause me to bat an eye.  In some ways, I miss that feeling of newness and excitement, but the regular, mundane and everyday moments of life are pretty good, too.

20 Jun

Moving To Thailand | Home Alone

A Family In Motion | Moving To Thailand | Happy Couple

I have been a single, working parent for the past two weeks. I suppose if I had to be a single, working mother in any country, Thailand is where I’d want to be.

20 May

Moving To Thailand: The Annual Drought & Granny’s Visit

A Family In Motion | The Grandmothers | Moving To Thailand

I spend a lot of time these days thinking about water. Water that I always took for granted until it was no longer there.

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